Dermal Filler Treatment

Thе mоrе wе age, thе mоrе wе notice thе changes happening tо оur skin, аnd wіth thе onset оf tіmе, mаnу ageing effects happen thаt саn make uѕ look tired аnd lеѕѕ youthful. Ageing causes thе facial skin tо sag, аnd gravity wіll pull thе skin оn thе cheek downwards. Thе fat pad slide оff thе cheek bone іntо thе face, whісh gives thе effect оf sunken cheeks, оn аnd bеlоw thе cheek bones.

Wе tend tо define аn attractive face bу іtѕ smooth, rоund contours аnd high cheekbones. Older skin loses fat аnd collagen, whісh causes a change оf thе facial contour, resulting іn hollowed cheeks, sagging skin аnd wrinkles, leading tо аn overly aged, drawn appearance.

Onсе uроn a tіmе оnlу a facelift оr cheek implants соuld help wіth restoring facial volume, but thеѕе days a number оf effective, non-surgical treatments аrе available. Ageing leads tо loss оf definition оn thе cheeks аnd jaw-line аnd уоu mіght notice shadows аrоund thе cheek bone that’s associated wіth loss оf fat, but dermal filler injections wіll allow уоu tо subtly control уоur looks.

Thе mоѕt common areas treated аrе:

Thе cheeks – tо add volume аnd contour thе face
Thе nasolabial folds – thе nose tо mouth lines
Thе glabella lines – bеtwееn thе eyebrows
Thе lips – adding shape аnd volume
Thе chin аnd jaw-line – adding definition.

Dermal fillers аrе ideal fоr smoothing away facial lines аnd wrinkles, creating fuller lips аnd shaping facial contours like thе cheeks аnd chin. Dermal fillers work bу boosting thе skin’s оwn supply оf hyaluronic acid, аnd thеѕе fillers revitalise аnd add volume tо thе skin, instantly diminishing thе lines аnd wrinkles аnd giving a softer natural look.

Procedure Tіmе – 20 – 30 Minutes
Downtime – 1 Day
Bасk Tо Work – Nеxt Day
Duration Of Results – 9 – 12 Months
Anaesthetic – Local
Results Seen – Immediate

Dermal fillers аrе a soft injectable gel consisting оf hyaluronic acid whісh іѕ tissue-friendly аnd closely resembles thе hyaluronic acid thаt exists naturally іn thе bоdу. Some folks tend to you Genf20 Plus with treatment. A topical anaesthetic cream gets applied, іf needed, tо make treatments mоrе comfortable аnd wе mix a little anaesthetic іntо thе filler, making іt a fairly painless procedure.

People seek cheek augmentation tо correct flatness, asymmetry, оr tо improve thе overall balance оf thе facial shape. Thе cheek filler treatment plumps uр thе apples оf thе cheeks аnd sculpts thе cheek bones. Thіѕ instantly restores уоur face tо a youthful appearance.

Dо уоu need help choosing a cosmetic procedure? Wе provide аn extensive range оf cosmetic procedures fоr thе face аnd bоdу tо help create a younger, slimmer, mоrе youthful looking уоu!

Botox, Vaser Lipo, Lip Augmentation, Dermal Fillers аnd mаnу mоrе treatments аrе available.

Grow Hair Long and Healthy

Individuals are under the mistaken concepts that growing hair long takes a long period of time. Typically, it grows at the rate of about half inch on a monthly basis. If you prefer to grow it long and healthy, you can embrace a range of methods. The following suggestions are just a few methods to assist you grow long and healthy, shining hair and in a fast time period.

Pro Tip – See this if your trying to lose weight

Tip # 1 Healthy dietary Modifications
If your diet has great deals of high fat and greasy food, you ought to immediately think of making some amends to obtain a healthy dietary system, to assist the hair grow long. You ought to change to a diet plan, which has numerous vegetables, fruits, apart from low fat dairy products from which you can obtain calcium and you need to start taking lean-meat like chicken, fish or turkey.

Pointer # 2: Take Care of Hair
To have long and healthy hair, you should look after it. Utilize an excellent quality hair shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner, in addition to a leave-in conditioning representative. Do not brush the damp hair; rather use a broad toothed comb. Do not embrace extreme color changes, like from black to blonde hair. Prevent blow dryers, curling or flat irons. At least, do not utilize them regularly; perhaps you can use them once a week. Since, if you utilize these heating gadgets more often, it can harm the hair. When you take care of hair appropriately, it will provide your hair a healthy appearance, while development of hair becomes quicker.

Tip # 3 Trim Routinely
To help hair growth you need to trim routinely, which is not real. Regardless of you trimming your hair or not, it will continue to grow. However to obtain a tidy and healthy appearance, it is required to see that hair is cut routinely, possibly as soon as in 2 or 3 months, and even earlier and more regularly if you are utilizing hot styling tools like blowers, which are likely to harm the hair.

Idea # 4 Get Hair Extensions
Rather of letting the hair grow longer, you can choose extensions of hair. To help give you a sensation of momentarily having long hair, the clip-in hair extensions are really beneficial. These need no attention, which you provide to real hair, since you may not be using them daily.

By following these pointers, you can grow your hair long and healthy and that too in a quick amount of time.


Kris Kellogg Makeup on Demand specializes in bridal, special occasion, and television makeup and hair. It all began with a wicker basket of makeup, and a vision. While the basket is long gone, it’s been replaced with a passionate team of highly skilled artists working as one to transform the bride and her wedding party from ordinary to extraordinary. Kris’s propensity for perfection and detail has made her one of the most sought-after wedding makeup artists in all of the Central and Western New York regions.

Kris’s clients hail from throughout the United States and abroad with family ties and relationships bringing them back to the beautiful Finger Lakes.  Kris and her team of artists routinely create looks ranging from natural and timeless, to dramatic and glamorous.

Whether its in the privacy and comfort of your home or your hotel suite, we’re confident that the experience will be fun and unforgettable.

Kris Kellogg MOD is based in the lovely Finger Lakes region of New York State, and is also available for travel worldwide.

The Lead Artists

Kris Kellogg is the lead makeup artist behind Kris Kellogg MOD. Not only is Kris a talented illustrative artist, she is also a master at creating the most beautiful looking faces by bringing out each client’s own natural beauty. As a result of her excellent working relationships with various industry professionals (to include the likes of award-winning and nationally-published photojournalist Robert Kaussner), Kris’s work has been featured in The New York Post Wedding of the Week, Goldwell International, The Knot, and coming soon to

Early in her career Kris worked with industry beauty-giant MAC Cosmetics where she sharpened her skills as an artist and learned from top industry professionals. During the course of her career, Kris built a strong reputation for her work and a long list of clientele primarily by word-of-mouth. With Kris’s devotion to beauty she recently landed an opportunity with QVC, America’s #1 shopping channel. Out of 3,500 candidates, Kris was chosen as a host finalist where she later went on to guest hosting for Philosophy Beauty.  During her time with QVC and Psychic Reading Specialist Kris was able to speak with millions of viewers on live television about their skincare concerns and the award winning products created by Cristina Carlino.

Today, Kris continues to strive for makeup excellence in the world of bridal makeup by providing her clients with outstanding service and artistic expertise.

Danielle Kellogg is the lead hair stylist for Kris Kellogg MOD. Danielle is a graduate of the Phillips Hair Institute where she was able to develop her artistic talent and successfully build a strong clientele also primarily by word of mouth. Danielle’s style is clean, fresh, and has a modern twist as compared to most classic styles. She too has worked with award-winning commercial photographers, and is becoming a well-known name in the wedding industry. Danielle not only listens closely to what her clients preferences are, but also offers her expertise regarding what she feels will bring out their own natural beauty.

Additionally, Danielle brings an incredible amount of passion to her work, which is obvious when one beholds the end result. With her strong sense of style, Danielle can create the most mesmerizing curls, up-dos and other unique looks that many of her clients are literally stopped and questioned as to who did their hair. Danielle has built a strong reputation for her professionalism, quality of work, and continues to serve her clients from all walks of life and from throughout the US. By any measure, Danielle is in every sense of the word a true artist of hair and an amazing psychic reader, and continues to be an inspiration to many other stylists.

Our Services and Style

Our philosophy is quite simple. We strive for excellence, and our team has exceptional passion, chemistry, and energy when we bring you the very best in beautiful makeup and hair. Everyone on our team shares a mutual vision and passion for their work, and together we strive for a truly exceptional level of service and artistic vision that is second-to-none.

Bridal Makeup

Our most in-demand services are for bridal applications where makeup has to be clean, precise, and long wearing. Many of our clientele choose a natural look that is both beautiful and timeless. Kris Kellogg’s Makeup on Demand always creates a custom look for each bride where we enhance your own natural beauty by maximizing each client’s positive attributes, and minimizing the negatives. We always listen to our client’s wishes as we use our own expertise and experience to conceptualize and create a beautiful look that best compliments you without sacrificing your level of comfort. Confidence and feeling beautiful on your wedding day is everything.

Our Signature Style for Makeup

Our signature look for skin is flawless and radiant. Lips are balanced and sometimes enhanced to create a fuller, more defined looking pout. Eyes are defined and highlighted to create a strikingly beautiful look, making the eyes the focus feature of the face. We will use faux lashes when appropriate to enhance the shape of your eyes to bring out a subtle GLAM Factor. Brows are neatly groomed and tailored to fit one’s bone structure and if need be, filled in with powder or pencil to lift and frame the eyes.

Bridal Hair

Beautiful makeup ideally requires fabulous looking hair when you want to make a statement and create the perfect look as you walk down the aisle. Kris Kellogg Makeup on Demand offers a wide range of on-location services for hair such as blow-outs, up-do’s, hair extensions, styling, and curling. In addition, we offer men’s hair cuts, and styling on the wedding day.

Our Signature Style for Hair

Our signature style for hair offers a fresh and modern twist to classical looking styles. When creating great looking hair, we take into consideration your facial bone structure, your style, your dress and makeup. Your look and comfort will never be compromised.

Post-Ceremony Touch-ups

Our exceptional service provides our clients with the absolute best in maintaining your beautiful, customized look after the ceremony. Our “lazy-girl” service is great for any client who does not want to stress or fuss about how she looks in photographs.

Special Occasion Makeup

With any special occasion we offer our signature makeup and hair styling services for parties, engagement shoots, anniversaries, social events, for print, and for television.

Airbrushed Makeup vs. Traditional Foundation

Airbrushed makeup has been around for decades and has been a long kept secret to making celebrities look flawless and camera ready. Airbrushing is a technique that sprays very tiny dots of makeup through an air compressor and precision gun to create a flawless and even completion. These days, with high-definition cameras maximizing every detail, airbrushing is a hands-down superior method for creating a picture-perfect palette on any skin tone and skin type. If your concerns are: fine lines, sun damage, scarring, and uneven skin tone, you would be a great candidate for airbrushing. The water-based formula we use in this process is long wearing, lends itself to blending, is fragrance-free, and is sensitivity-based. Traditional foundation is a classic approach to making skin look even and flawless. Additionally, traditional foundation is still a customer favorite and makes for a wonderful option and is available in creams, liquids or powders.

Kris Kellogg Makeup on Demand uses only professional grade cosmetics such as MAC, Smashbox, Kett Cosmetics, Laura Geller, Makeup Forever, and Philosophy. We also use hair care products such as Chi, J. Beverley Hills, and Kendra.